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31 December 2011 @ 11:59 am
Media Stuff 2011  
I'm going to do the whole list-of-everything again this year, because I liked it. The following is a list of movies, television, music, books, concerts, sporting events, and other shindigs that I watch, listen to, read, and attend in the year 2011. Here goes nothin'!
The Craiglist Killer
Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious
Going the Distance
Easy A
Conversations with Other Women
Sixteen Candles
No Strings Attached
Bringing Up Baby
The Kids Are All Right
Never Let Me Go
Love & Other Drugs
Morning Glory

The Conspirator
Black Swan
Life As We Know It
Something Borrowed

The Hangover: Part II

The Adjustment Bureau
Just Go With It

Yankee Doodle Dandy
The Eagle
Horrible Bosses
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
Crazy, Stupid, Love
Friends with Benefits
The Help.
What's Your Number?

Bones, season 2
William, Kate & 8 Royal Weddings
Gilmore Girls, season 7
How I Met Your Mother, seasons 1-5

Music Switchfoot, Hello Hurricane
Bo Burnham, Words, Words, Words
Imogen Heap, Ellipse
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Let It Sway
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Broom
The Temper Trap, Conditions
Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More
Kings of Leon, Come Around Sundown
The National, High Violet
The Postal Service, Give Up (B-Sides)
Tokyo Police Club, Smith EP
Green River Ordinance, Out of My Hands
Rek Tek, Oddities (my recording techniques class's cd project)
Dan Tepfer Trio, Five Pedals Deep
Middle Brother, Middle Brother
Brett Dennen, So Much More
Brett Dennen, Brett Dennen
Brett Dennen, Hope for the Hopeless
Snakes on a Plane soundtrack
Ryan Adams, Easy Tiger
John Mayer, Any Given Thursday
Brett Dennen, Loverboy

Tickle Me Pink, Madeline
Guster, Ganging Up on the Sun
Swimming with Dolphins, Water Colours
Dawes, Suitcase EP 
Dawes, Nothing is Wrong
Sondre Lerche, Sondre Lerche
Sondre Lerche, Faces Down
New Roman Times, On the Sleeve
Dan Black, Un
Foster the People, Torches
John Mayer, Where The Light Is
Allen Stone, Allen Stone

Cary Grant, a Biography by Marc Eliot
Summer of '49
Gossip Girl

Tokyo Police Club with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Feb. 5
The Goo Goo Dolls with Vertical Horizon and Jeff LeBlanc, Apr. 5
Brett Dennen with Dawes, May 14
Sondre Lerche with Kishi Bashi and Nightlands, June 10
Relient K with Farewell Flight, June 21
Foster the People in-store @ Grimey's, June 29
Brett Dennen, Drew Holcombe & the Neighbors, and Rayland Baxter: Live on the Green, October 6

Sporting Events
Colorado Avalanche vs. Nashville Predators, Mar. 12 (W, 4-2)
Purdue vs. Tennessee Tech (baseball), Mar. 18, (L, 13-3)
Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Nashville Predators, Apr. 8 (W, 4-1)
Eastern Kentucky University vs. Tennessee Tech (baseball), April 30 (W, 9-3)
Carolina Hurricanes vs. Nashville Predators, Oct. 1 (W, 2-1)

Miscellaneous Items of Note
Ice skating!, Jan. 3
The day I dyed my hair, Jan. 22
Mosh pit experience, Feb. 5 
Record Store Day 2011, Apr. 16
Graduation!, May 7
Gots a job!, June 21
First day of inservice, July 25
First day of real teaching, Aug. 2
Fall breaking is wonderful, Oct. 1-9

*Items emblazoned in bright green denote Awesome. However, all Concerts and Sporting Events are naturally awesome and therefore need no denotation.
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